Friday, April 21, 2006

The Blogging Revolution

I was asked several times already: "Why do you blog?" Remember I just started in March 2006.
First, several people are guilty here. First of all Loic le Meur. Yes Sir you are the first. Loic was one of the first blog evangelist. He obviously has an establish blog but did not stop there. Enjoy the story behind this serial entrepreneur.
I won't mention Mr Sepuvelda or Mr Billaut again (see below interviews). Two major bloggers.
Second, members of my company. I was amazed to read their topics on their blogs and decided to follow the path.
Third, the passionnates: Elie with plane, Elise and her recipes, and the list goes on...
I highly suggest you read this article about the Blogging Revolution to understand the trend.

The Blogging Revolution

Weblogs Are To Words What Napster Was To Music.
By Andrew Sullivan

In the beginning - say 1994 - the phenomenon now called blogging was little more than the sometimes nutty, sometimes inspired writing of online diaries. These days, there are tech blogs and sex blogs and drug blogs and onanistic teenage blogs. But there are also news blogs and commentary blogs, sites packed with links and quips and ideas and arguments that only months ago were the near-monopoly of established news outlets. Poised between media, blogs can be as nuanced and well-sourced as traditional journalism, but they have the immediacy of talk radio. Amid it all, this much is clear: The phenomenon is real. Blogging is changing the media world and could, I think, foment a revolution in how journalism functions in our culture.


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