Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Custom Designed Barcodes Arrive Stateside: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Already prominent in Japan, custom designed barcodes take advantage of what is essentially the last unbranded piece of packaging 'real estate.' Design barcodes deliver a competitive advantage by providing a unique opportunity to further brand their products at the customer touch point. Major consumer product companies in Japan, such as Suntory, Calbee, and Wacoal, have begun using custom barcodes with great success. Design barcodes take the shape of anything from animals and people to objects and national landmarks.
'We are seeing a remarkable change in how barcodes are being used,' said Pacarc co-founder James Allard. 'That trend along with the growing prevalence of self-scan technology leads us to believe there will be a growing interest in the brandability of the barcode itself.'
Last year, Design Barcode, Inc. received the Good Design Award in Japan, causing the company to be recognized by marketers, advertisers and press in that country and around the world."


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