Friday, June 09, 2006

Ten Products Google Should Develop

Mark Otuteye - January, 14th 2006

1) Walk into a store (grocery, clothes, computer)
2) Take a picture of the barcode of an item
3) Get Froogle Local Search results of which nearby stores carry the same item more cheaply.
Google BarCode would even add in the cost of time and gas and only show those products which were lower overall.
In a twist on the system, merchants would be automatically informed if you located cheaper products and could then bid for your business by offering you an electronic coupon, a discount on the product in their store if you bought it in the next say, half hour.


Blogger Punit Raizada said...

I read this post too and I believe the big G team is already cracking away at it.

The market is still open for intelligent shopping assistants for mobile phones. Someone just needs to come up with the first product that suits the fancy of mass audience.

8:26 AM  

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