Thursday, May 17, 2007

EverMobile: 10% of revs likely from scanning solutions in 2008

Brazilian mobile payment solutions provider EverMobile believes scanning applications have potential to account for 10% of its revenues in 2008, EverMobile business development manager Sergio Goldstein told BNamericas.

Today EverMobile gains 100% of its revenues from financial solutions for cell phones, but it recently established a partnership with US solutions provider Scanbuy, whose software transforms cell phones into barcode scanners via the inbuilt camera.

Brazilian mobile operators generate only 8% of their revenues from data services, compared to a worldwide average of 20%, and are surely eager to try new data-centric applications, according to Goldstein.


Blogger Dennis said...

Hey Olivier
Check what they're saying about ScanBuy on responsiveness to customer requests:

You will come to this link if you do a Google search for Scanbuy. It actually comes on the first result page!! There are also quite a few broken URL links on home page, which is simply ridiculous. At this point I've given up on trying to purchase Decoder SDK from your company, but I'm still intrigued about how a company that seems so forward-looking and seems to have good products can so completely disregard potential customers. That's basically why I take the trouble to write.

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