Monday, April 10, 2006

Who is Ori Alon?

Google has bought a new search algorithm penned by Ori Alon, an Israeli student from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Apparently they beat Microsoft and Yahoo, who were also interested in the super-advanced technique for prioritizing relevance in text-searches. The algorithm called Orion, works out the most relevant text on which to perform a search. It only works in English and rates the text by quality of the site in which it appears. Orion will make searches less-time consuming, by working with existing search engines and expanding on their function. Moreover, instead of finding pages on the net that contain keywords, then providing links, the new search engine will provide expanded text extracts which will eradicate the need to open every link. -->Orion had sparked interest from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, with Google eventually acquiring the rights to the algorithm. Alon stated that Orion would improve the speed and focus of internet searches making it an invaluable service. As its developers say, the new search-engine tool will revolutionize the way people retrieve information from the internet. Alon further explained that, it also provides a list of terms or topics related to the original search keyword. This new tool would make net surfing much easier and less frustrating, giving information directly and immediately making it a great time-saver for users. According to sources, it is confirmed that Ori Alon works at Google's Mountain View, California offices. Unfortunately there is no public demo of Orion, but this system is said to give users the most relevant results and a list of suggested topics that the user may not be aware of.


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