Saturday, April 07, 2007

2D Barcode Manifesto

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Seven months have passed since I wrote the post titled "2D barcodes will rule the earth", which provoked a lively discussion. Thank you for that.

Now, we are finally about to put Nokia's Barcode Reader application under N80 and N73 support pages, and to the Download! client. In addition, the app should be in the latest N93 firmware in all variants. However, it will work only in these devices. There is a simple explanation for this: to ensure the best possible user experience, we will have to do tweaks for each camera module, and build separate versions of the app.

Anyway, here's my 10-point manifesto about 2D barcodes, mimicking Guy Kawasaki's famous presentation style. I wanted to publish this post on the day that the app becomes available, but I'll be on vacation during 13-26 December. I hope the app becomes available during this time.

Read on, my friends.


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