Thursday, April 27, 2006

Getjar reaches 30.000 ShotCode users in 4 months.

"05-04-2006 Getjar, a large mobile online software distributor, is using ShotCodes to simplify their mobile software downloads drastically. One only needs to scan the unique ShotCode, which is depicted next to the software title, and confirm the download. Afterwards, the mobile phone starts downloading the software immediately. Difficult installation methods as first downloading the software to the pc and then installing by cable, infrared or Bluetooth have become superfluous."

Remember when this Code who launched by my friend Anil Malhotra, Founder of
I am sure you do. It was everywhere. At that time it was named the Spot.
Now, it is a ShotCode. Looks familiar, no?

Good job Dennis with this "first" launch!


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