Thursday, April 27, 2006

Go Rogers

Amazing experience for today.

As I am travelling from US to Europe. I, as usual, shut off my BlackBerry before take off.
Suddenly, like an hour later I feel something vibrating in my pocket. I look and the BlackBerry automatically turn on to ring a reminder for a meeting canceled.
So I intend to shut it off again when suddenly I realized that messages are been received.
The plane is at 35000 feets and it says "Rogers Wireless". We are indeed flying above Canada and the network works. Weird experience. I turn it off immediately. I am just afraid now that
people received emails I wrote being disconnected that were intended to
be sent at my arrival.
Where were you when I received this email? I thought you were in a plane?

Thank you Rogers Wireless for this unique experience. I waiting
impatiently to see the result of the AirFrance experience in North
Africa for the first planes with GSM networks.


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