Thursday, April 27, 2006

LinkMe to the World

The little box on the right is unique. It is an eZcode. You can create your own from here. Now to use it, you need to download the little app developped by SCANBUY.

SCANBUY Media is about linking the physical printing world to the Internet content."By simply pointing at a 2D code with a camera phone, consumers are automatically routed to the page the content provider has associated to that code."

After all, all the content is digital today, no? But it is not on your phone yet! Why, because even if you like to type Small MessageS on this little keypad, go for a URL. No way!
Now launch your camera from your camera phone with this app and point at the little box. Did you
Now look what happened on your phone. I know! You are now a member of the WOW family.
The reading is impressive. The speed to access this content is amazing. A content you would
never remember to look from your home or office computer is right here.
After Blogging, MoBlogging, we will experience very soon the ScanBlogging. Ready?


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