Thursday, April 27, 2006

Remote and Indirect blog from my BlackBerry.

Remote and Indirect blog from my BlackBerry.
It starts with an option for mobile users offered by, a blackberry and plenty of
commute time.
It becomes a day-to-day news. Some kind of diary about everything in this field.
In this case the everything is only about barcode and phones, it should be here.

It will arrive, a dedicated barcode-shopping-phone. Within 2 years max. By 2008, mobile
handset manufacturers will understand the power of barcodes and cellphone.
Today, I am preaching everyone to hear, read, understand the power of this fantastic mariage of an almost dead technology - the barcode - and a pushed-by-the-users technology - the camera phone. It will become a no-brainer. The same way you have an SMS feature on your
phone, you will have a barcode function on your camera phone. The trend is clear today.
It is very difficult when you are alone trying to convince the world that something so dramatic will happen. When I am not the only one anymore, it surely does help. Welcome!


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